Tamara & Benjamin


Hi Queens,

I am Tamara and 29 years young. I’m Benjamin's mum and Jelle's fiance. Together we live with great pleasure in Amsterdam.

About me

After many years in the hospitality industry, I decided to retrain 3 years ago. Horeca work was no longer a good thing for me, I could'nt combine it with family life. In order to spend as much time as possible with my son, I decided to do babysitting work. I liked the contact with the children and a 'second home' so much that I wanted to get a diploma for it and that worked out well!

How I began

When I moved back from Purmerend to Amsterdam, my goal was to adjust as quickly as possible (for a longer period). I have created an online profile in which I explain who I am, what I do and how I implement it.
I placed this profile on 5 websites and within no time, I got the reactions of lots of enthusiastic parents. My diploma Helpcare and well-being I achieved through a diploma route. A quick way to get a diploma, because you don't go to school, but only make exams. This is only possible if you already have experience with children and I was fortunate enough. It was'nt difficult, but the whole process as a childminder lasted long, in my opinion. Maybe because I’m so motivated and wanted to start quickly.

Do I have time for myself

My job is easy to combine with family life. It's easy for me to schedule time for myself, my son and fiancé. Every Monday my fiancé and I have a lunch date when our son is in school. Sunday is our family time. We then, usually go to the forest, swimming pool, theater or we meet with family / friends. Me-time is also very important to me. I can completely relax by reading a magazine / book, watching good series on Netflix, baking something tasty or just going to the hairdresser and beautician.
We also find it very important to go to a far and sunny holiday destination at least once a year. This year we went to Bali, loved it! We love to go on a weekend tripp and Antwerp is definitely a favorite. Great food, great shopping and the most important thing for us; child friendly!

My target group

Parents and children in particular belong to my target groups. A large target group as it always continues to grow.


Why babysitter Tamara and where can you find me

You can find me at childcare agency 4Kids. At this moment I can no longer accept new children, but perhaps in the future. I always describe myself as an enterprising and patient person. I think you need this as a babysitter, as children can sometimes be challenging haha!
If you are interested in pictures of my son, myself and inspiration of (children's) clothes, toys and interior you can find me on Instagram. I also sometimes share some personal things. You can find me on Instagram via: https://www.instagram.com/benny.enmama/
That's it! A small piece about my job and family life. I find it difficult to describe it all, but I hope that I have informed you well about how I combine my job and family life.
Happy healthy life all!
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