Frequently Asked Questions


Are the products natural?

Yes, our products are more than 90% natural!
A very small percentage consists of perfume,(not harmful to your hair) so that our products smell wonderful!

The products are for all hair types, how does this work exactly?

We explain per hair type how you should use the products for the best result.
With your order you will receive an extensive leaflet.

What does a conditioner do?

A conditioner is a hair care product that changes the texture of your hair. This ensures that your hair looks nicer and stays in better shape.

Do I have to wash my hair with shampoo before using the Cream Conditioner Cleanser?

No, certainly not, the Cream Conditioner Cleanser has cleansing ingredients that you also come across in a shampoo, but they are less effective in protecting your hair from dehydration.

Even though there is no Sodium Lauryl Sulphate SLS in our products, but the mild and positive Sodium lauroyl sarcosinate, we recommend to wash your hair more often with a cream like our Cream Conditioner Cleanser. Your hair stays much softer. We do recommend to use a shampoo once a month for an extra comprehensive cleaning of your hair and scalp.

Can I also use the products on dyed hair?


Do the products also work well against a dry scalp?

Yes, we advise you to use the products from your roots when you have a dry scalp.
For the best result, you can massage your scalp. This improves the circulation of the hair follicles and the scalp.

My hair is fatty, can I use the conditioners for my hair?

Yes, you can use the conditioners for your hair, but not on your scalp. This ensures that your hair becomes even more fatty. We also advise not to apply other styling products to your scalp.

Can I wash my hair every day with the Cream Conditioner Cleanser?

We advise you not to wash your hair more than twice a week, this has a lot of disadvantages for dry as well as fatty scalp. Your scalp becomes drier, especially if you wash your hair with hot water, wash your hair with lukewarm water. Your scalp also becomes more fatty if you wash it every day. You will notice when you no longer do this, you will experience fewer hair problems.

Can I also use the Leave-in Conditioner Styling Cream as the only styling product?


Can I also use the Leave-in Conditioner Styling Cream in combination with other products?

Yes, but you would only have to look for yourself with which product you do this, some products that you mixed leave flakes in your hair, so your hair does not look clean. Some of our customers indicate that it works perfectly in combination with gel.

How often is deep conditioning necessary?

If your hair is damaged, do a deep conditioning every week or every other week. If your hair is not damaged, you can do this once a month. If you want to do this more often if your hair is not damaged, this is not bad for your hair.

Do the products ensure volume?

Our products certainly ensure volume when you use them in the right way!

Can I blow-dry my hair and styles with the straightener when I have used the Leave-in Conditioner Styling Cream?

Yes, if you have used the Leave-in Conditioner Styling Cream in the right way, as we indicate.

I have a very dry scalp and I have flakes and/or dandruff. Does this problem go away if I use the Cream Conditioner Cleanser?

We can not guarantee that your dandruff or flakes will disappear completely, we can say that the conditioners work very well against it. If you continue to have problems with dandruff or flakes, we advise you to go to the dermatologist so they can see your scalp and help you further.

If you have further questions, please e-mail us to;
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