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Nice to see you on the website of FAHT Amsterdam!
(FAHT, pronounced "Fat")

FAHT Amsterdam is an exclusive brand of hair products with more than 90% natural ingredients for all hair types. Our products are cruelty free and contain cold-pressed oils that will give your hair and scalp the intense care they crave. Our products can also be used for weaves and extensions(real human hair). We give advice and contribute to the self-confidence of women!

If you’re looking for superior-quality hair products that your hair and scalp will love, you’re at the right place!

Our products contain;

No parabens
No mineral oils
No propylene glycol
No synthetic deys
No silicone
All our products contain harmless sulfates.

Just like our body, our hair needs essential nutrients and sufficient water to remain healthy, soft and strong! 
None of our ingredients remove any natural oils from your hair and scalp.

Give your hair the “Royal Treatment” with FAHT Amsterdam and let your crown live and shine again!

Besides FAHT Amsterdam we also have a blog, FAHT Magazine Blog FMB in which women tell their story about their company, motherhood, etc.

Crown yourself with love.
Love yourself, it's yours!

FAHT Amsterdam